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Posted 2014-4-23 Micropipette

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 Karl Fischer Titrator
 Fat Analyzer
 Water purification system
  Master series  |    Smart series  |    Medium seires  |    DW series  |    Consumables  |    The lab series  |  
 Crude Fiber Analyzer
 Medical equipments
 Disposable Face Mask
 Fume hood
 Autoclave & Sterilizer
  Portable Autoclave  |    Vertical Autoclave  |    Benchtop Autoclave  |    Horizontal Cylindrical Autoclave  |  
  Electronic Balance  |    Mechanical Balance  |  
  Circulating Bath  |    Dry Bath  |    Oil Bath.  |    Shaking water bath  |    Water Bath  |  
 Canibet, Safety
  Glass I Grade  |    Glass II Grade  |    Glass III Grade  |    Industrial Safety Cabinet  |  
  High Speed Centrifuge  |    High Speed Refrigerator Centrifuge  |    Low Speed Centrifuge  |    Low Speed Refrigerator Centrifuge  |    Other Centrifuge  |  
 Colony Meter
  Photoelectric Colorimeter  |    Others Colorimeter  |  
 Conductivity Meter
  Benchtop Conductivity Meter  |    Portable Conductivity Meter  |  
 Constant Temperature & Humidity Chamber.
 Disintegration Tester
 Dissolution Tester
 Dissolved Oxygen Meter
  Benchtop Dissolved Oxygen Meter  |    Protable Dissolved Oxygen Meter  |  
  Bolting Electrophoresis Systems  |    DNA Sequencing Electrophoresis Systems  |    Dual Modular Vertical Electrophoresis Systems  |    Dual Vertical Electrophoresis Systems  |    Half Dry Bolting Electrophoresis Systems  |    Horizontal Electrophoresis Systems  |    Modular Horizontal Electrophoresis Systems  |  
 Electrophorasis Power
 Freeze dryer
  Pharmacy Refrigerator with Freezer  |    Blood Bank Rrefragerator  |    Pharmaceutical Refrigerator  |    Ultra Temperature Freezer  |  
 Fruit Hardness Tester
  Split style  |    Integrated style  |  
 Gel Documentation System
 Glass & Quartz Cuvette
 Grinder Machine
 Heating Mantle
  Several Rows Heating Mantles  |    Temperature Controlled Heating Mantle  |    Temperature Controlled With Digital Display Heating Mantle  |  
 High-Low Temperature with Humidity Chamber
  Semi Preparative HPLC  |    High Performance Liquid Chromatography HPLC  |    Analytical HPLC  |  
 Hot Plate
 Hot-air Sterilizer
  CO2 incubator  |    Cooling Incubator  |    Heating Incubator  |    Water-jacket Incubator  |  
 Kjeldahl Nitrogen Determination System
  Graphite Digester  |    Auto distiller  |  
 Laminar Flow Cabinet
  Horizontal Laminar Flow  |    Vertical Laminar Flow  |  
 Liquid Nitrogen Container
  Liquid Nitrogen Container,Storage(I)  |    Liquid Nitrogen Container,Storage(II)  |    Liquid Nitrogen Container,Storage(III)  |  
 Labortory glassware
 Laboratory porcelain
 Magnetic Stirrer
  Ceramic Magnetic Stirrer  |    OTHER Magnetic Stirrer  |  
 Melting-point Apparatus
  Repetitive pipette  |    Adjustable Micropipette  |    Adjustable & Autoclavable Micropipette  |    Large Capacity Micropipette  |    Fixed.Micropipette  |    Multi channel Micropipette  |    Accerissories Micropipette  |  
 Microplate Reader
 Microplate Washer
  Biological Microscope  |    Digital Microscope  |    Fluorescence Microscope  |    Industrial Metallurgical Microscope  |    Polarizing Microscope  |    Stereo Microscope  |    Microscope Attachment  |  
  Fully-auto Microtome  |    Manual Microtome  |    Rotary Microtome  |    Semi-auto Microtome  |  
 Moisture Analyzer
  Drying Oven  |    High Temperature Oven  |    Oven,Incubator (dual-purpose)  |    Vacuum oven  |  
 Paper ,Chemical Analysis
  Filter Membrane  |    Filter Paper  |  
  Benchtop PH-meter  |    Portable PH-meter  |  
 Plant Growth Chamber
  SHZ Type Circular Water Vacuum Pump  |    Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump  |    WX Type No-oil Rotary Vacuum Pump  |  
  Abbe Refractometer  |    Digital Refractometer  |    Hand-Held Refractometer  |    Plastic Refractometer  |  
 Salt Spray Chamber
  Orbital Shaker.  |    Others Shaker  |    Thermo-shaker  |  
  Optional asserssories  |    Fluorescence Spectrophotometer  |    Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer  |    Flame Photometer  |    VIS Spectrophotometer.  |    UV-VIS Spectrophotometer  |    Double Beam Spectrophotometer  |  
 Tablet Friability Tester
 Tablet Hardness Tester
 Thaw Tester
 Thermal Cycler
  Gradient type  |    Standard type  |  
 Turbidity Meter
 Ultrasonic Cleaner
  Mechanical control without heating  |    Mechanical control with heating  |    Digital display with heating  |    digital display with heating and power adjustable  |    Industrial grade,digital  |  
 Water Distiller
  Stainless Steel Water Distiller  |    Wall Type Water Distiller  |  
 Mosaic machine
 Brinell Hardness Tester
 Micro Vickers Hardness Tester
 Rockwell hardness tester
 Vickers Hardness Tester
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