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Posted 2014-4-23 Micropipette

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BPN-RHP series, touch screen

 BPN-RHP infrared air-jacket co2 incubator (CO2 incubator for short) as a new generation product. The key component of this product is CO2 sensor(imported), which is made on the principles of non-discrete infraredNDIR double wavelength detection. The product is of air jacket construction and featured by quick temperature rise in the incubator and small fluctuation. The series product is indispensable for conducting researches on immunology, oncology, genetics and bio-genetic engineering and finds wide application in medicine, agricultural science and pharmacology and other scientific research and production departments and is a desirable equipment to be used in scientific research and production.
Technical data





Chamber Volume




Interior Dimension




Exterior Dimension








Voltage of power source

220V±10%  (50±1) Hz


Input power W




Scope of temperature control 



Scope of temperature display



Resolution of temperature display



Accuracy of temperature control



Accuracy of temperature display 



Fluctuation in temperature 



Gradient of temperature



Temperature tracking alarm  upperdeviation



Temperature tracking alarmlowerdeviation



Over-temperature alarm deviation



Accuracy of independent limiting temperature alarm control



Insulation performance 

 Double temperature difference≤8


Time for restoration of temperature 

Restoration to the set value 30s after opening the door and  9min after closing the door


Scope of display of CO2



Resolution of CO2 display

0.1 V/V


Accuracy of CO2 display 

±0.3 V/V


Scope of CO2 control 



Accuracy of CO2 control 

±0.3 V/V


Fluctuation in CO2

±0.3 % V/V


Time for restoration of CO2

Restoration to the set value 30s after opening the door and  9min after closing the door  5V/V ±0.3V/V


upperdeviation of tracking alarm of CO2 concentration

0.3 V/V


Lowerdeviation of tracking alarm of CO2 concentration

0.3 V/V


Noise of the whole machine

≤ 55 dBA


Rate of temperature rise 

Not less than  1.0/ min 


Scope of measurement of relative humidity

20-98% RH


Accuracy of measurement of relative humidity

±5% RH


Resolution of display of relative humidity

1% RH


Accuracy of temperature control for high temperature  disinfection 

90 ± 2


Alarm for overtime for door opening 

When the operating door of the incubator is opened beyond 90S,acoustooptic alarm will be given with simultaneous prompting words 


Power interruption prompting 

Synchronous acousto-optic alarm with a consecutive time not less than 10min


Total load of shelf 









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